OT7 & J-HOPE COMBO (Americano)

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    JUNGKOOK - 3 Bottles of coffee



    This is the latest release featuring Korea's hottest *K-Pop group BTS.


    Purified water, Cold brew coffee extract EH 8.2%[the origin of raw beans : Ethiopia 50%, Honduras 50%), solids 7.4 or higher], Coffee extract EH 30% ([the origin of raw beans : Ethiopia 50%, Honduras 50%) ,solids 7.4 or higher] Two types of synthetic fragrances (coffee flavoured), potassium carbonate.

    Purified Water, Milk, Hot Brew Coffee Puffol Liquid Vs [(Green Beans Origin: Ethiopia 50%, Vietnam 50%) Solid Content 8.35%], Sugar, Cocoa Powder (Cocoa Powder 100%), Sucrose Fatty Acid Ester, Roasted White Almond Paste (Almond 100) %), Macadamia Paste (100% Macadamia), Mixed Preparation (Crystalline Cellulose, Carrageenan, Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose), Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate, 2 Synthetic Flavors (Coffee Flavor)

    Purified water, Milk (Republic of KOREA) 39.5%, Hot Brew Coffee Extraction VS 6.0%[(the origin of raw beans : Ethiopia 50%, Vietnam 50%) solids 7.4 or higher], Sugar, Dehydration-based purified mixed-lethal milk(Netherlands), Sucrose fat ester, Synthetic flavouring (vanilla flavour), sodium carbonate, Vanilla extract 0.01%(Vanilla beans : Madagascar 47%) milk included.



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